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Logo & Identity

First impressions are everything when you’re in business, all it takes is a few seconds to set an impression on a potential customer.  One of the first things people notice are logo’s.  Therefore the first (and most important) step to building a successful brand for your new business is your company logo.  CTM does redesigns of older logos that have lost resolution over time, as well as brand new designs for new businesses.  We provide your logo in all sizes and formats on a disc to use for future business endeavors,  Call now to get started on updating your look or creating a new one!

Personalized Cards & Postcards

The same old type of card you can purchase for a loved one from the Grocery Store or Pharmacy on the corner can get old.  Do you really want to show someone how much you care with a personalized card for their birthday or special event?  We will bring your idea to life!  Also, we create awesome postcard designs as reminders for your clients appointments or for upcoming event registrations for your businesses big event coming up!  We don’t only design them, we print them in house!

Brochures & Menu's

Need a brochure created for an upcoming event?  Not sure how to put together an active schedule for a large event, give credit to sponsors, highlight vendors, etc and make it all look nice?  That’s why we’re here, we take on the headache so you don’t have to, just provide details and we’ll do the rest.  If you’re opening up a new restaurant or would like a redesigned menu, we’ve got you covered.  Call CTM now and let’s get started!

Business Cards

CTM creates custom designed business cards that you will not find elsewhere.  When you’re in business your collection of business cards grows rapidly and most end up in the trash or thrown in a pile or folder somewhere and forgotten about after saving the contact details.  We make our designs unique and hard to forget so your clients remember it for days…even talk about it with others; which is perfect from a marketing standpoint!  Contact us now & stand out from the competitors!

Social Media & Website Design

CTM takes care of EVERYTHING involved in creating and maintaining an Online Presence.  Creating unique Social Media posts that stand out among the rest, and of course alongside development of websites comes the design.  We create custom layouts for each web page on your site so your website stands out amongst your competitors and is memorable each time a client/potential client visits.


CTM takes care of every aspect of advertising for you, from designing the ad to making the ad go live in the paper, on the  tv, for the billboard, posters, flyers, etc…Whether you just need an ad designed or need help with advertising in general, online & off, give us a call!

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Recent Work

Below is a taste of some of the work we’ve done, to seee more, click the button to head to the Portfolio page.

Custom Holiday Card

Clients story, CTM’s card design

Our latest website design

Existing website re-designed by CTM

Brochure w/schedule for event

Designed by CTM for a Bingo Charity Event

Custom Business Cards

CTM's Business Cards

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