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CTM delivers professional, affordable and personalized web design & development (implementation) of the design.  Whether you want to bring your store online to allow for a further reach in service area and to give your customers more options to buy; or you would like to showcase your artwork, photography, modelling career, crafts, etc in an online portfolio, CTM can make it happen for you with incredibly reasonable rates.  We make it easy to understand and provide exceptional one on one customer service, our clients become our friends!  Prices vary according to size and content of your website.  Give us a call today and we will discuss your needs.
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Web design & Development services

Website Design

Website Design is the process of creating a website.  Including layouts, content writing, and graphic design.  A functional website gives visitors a positive perception of your brand & impacts how your site ranks with all of the major search engines. CTM works with you to implement your ideas into a layout that is functional and optimized for search engines, with us you get customization, quality and performance.

Gathering information/sketching plans

The first step in the process of a successful Website Design is to gather as much info  as possible and use that information to sketch ideas for the layout of your site.

Create a wireframe or complete layout of website prior to development.

A wireframe is a grayscale drawing or design on the computer in a program such as photoshop, of the entire layout of the website.  Once the Wireframe is complete, we than create style tiles which are based on visual elements such as logos, fonts and typography.

Creation of the Website's Prototype

The website’s Prototype is the combination of the wireframe and the style tiles, in turn creating the entirety of the site.  Once this is complete and approved, we move on to Development. 

Website Development

Website Development, although similar, is not the same as Website Design.  Development is the work involved in developing a website for the internet.  It can range from developing a single static page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses & social network services.  CTM’s skill set goes beyond just the designing process.

Content Writing and assembly

Once the design process is completed and approved we move on to Content writing and assembly of your site.  Content writing also consists of coding, even though there are ways around it with all the programs and software out now, it will cost you way more than it should and isn’t always as reliable as coding it yourself or CTM doing it for you.

Testing the website

We always triple check our work and test it thoroughly before going live with your website.  Making sure there are no glitches, bugs, or errors impacting functionality.  Once we feel it’s ready, we ask you to look it over for approval one last time before launching it.

Launch, Maintenance & Updates

We are ready to go live and launch your site for the world to see.  Just because your site is live, it does not mean the work is finished.  It is imperative to keep all software used updated to the latest version to ensure compatibility, as well as switching things up from time to time making updates on your business or just creating a new look for appeal in order to keep visitors returning to your site. CTM will take care of this for you as well or we will instruct you on how to do it yourself going forward.

Featured Work

Website Development

Complete Development of TLC Hope Inc.

This business has been around for quite some time, however, they weren’t able to find the time or resources to have a website built.  We made that idea a reality for them, building a complete online presence, including social media.

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